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Human Biology Program Awards | 2016 Recipients

The Human Biology Program is delighted to announce our inaugural Human Biology Program Awards. These awards, to be issued every June, are part of the new tradition to celebrate achievement in our Human Biology community.  The students listed below have demonstrated through their academic success and their contributions to the program their eagerness to learn and develop new ways of researching and learning in the life sciences at the University of Toronto. HMB is committed to providing students with an academically rich and multidisciplinary experience to undergraduate students, and through generous donations to the Director’s Excellence Fund for Human Biology, the program is now able to offer awards to honour academic achievement and leadership initiative.

 2016 Recipients of the Human Biology Program Awards

Outstanding Leadership Award in Human Biology

Seemi Qaiser

Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate Research
Top grades in HMB395Y1
Camilla Maria Giovino
Tiange Li

Top grades in HMB499Y1
Shireen Shafqat Khattak
Imogen Sirluck-Schroeder

Graduating Student Award
Top academic standing of a graduating student from any Human Biology program
Yu Jin Kim – Health & Disease
Lisa Nham- Neuroscience
Patricia Palcu- Health & Disease
Vivian Tia- Neuroscience
Sabrina Yeung- Health & Disease


Outstanding Achievement in Global Health
Top grades in HMB203H1- Fall 2015
Colin Anderson
Victoria Shirriff
Xinhe Wang

High academic standing entering the 4th year of the Global Health program
Aya Mahder Bashi
Victoria Shirriff


Outstanding Achievement in Genetics
Top grades in HMB201H1 Fall 2015
Fuad Chowdhury
Bonnie  Pilkington
Morgan Zych

Top grade in HMB265H1- Fall 2015
Goodness Chiamaka Madu

High academic standing entering the 4th year of the Fundamental Genetics and its Applications program
Bonnie Pilkington

High academic standing entering the 4th year of the Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology program
Agnes Sebastian

Outstanding Achievement in Health & Disease
Top grades in HMB202H1- Winter 2016
Poula Lipiak
Amy Ly
Saiee Foustina Nithiyanantham

High academic standing entering the 4th year of the Health and Disease program
Zaldy Sirios Balde
Violet Nayoung Ha
Daewoo Hwang
Yu Xiu Lin
Daniella Manna

Outstanding Achievement in Human Biology
Top grades in HMB204H1- Winter 2016
Rosalia  Adamo
Camilla Giovino
Aren Mnatzakanian
Joanne Plahouras
Taimoor Rahman

High academic standing entering the 4th year of the Human Biology major program
U-Yeong Choi
George JiaQi Li
Elliott Monte McMurchy
Parnian Pardis
Golnoosh Siavash Moakhar

Outstanding Achievement in Neuroscience
Top grades in HMB200H1- Winter 2016
Zoe Carty
Stellar Dongmin Lim
Vanessa Chau Tuyen Nguyen
Danning Zhang

High academic standing entering the 4th year of the Neuroscience program
Wan Xian Koh
Junyi Li
Tiange Li
Lauren Frances Rotondi
He Ping Sheng

Congratulations to all of our inaugural Human Biology Program Award Recipients!!