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The Human Biology Program aims to produce the best scientific researchers possible. To achieve this we teach research skills all throughout our program POSTs. A wide range of 300 level lab courses allow our students to develop fundamental laboratory skills relevant to their interests, and Research Project Courses are made available to both 3rd and 4th year students to encourage an interest in investigative research. Fourth year seminar courses provide students with experience presenting scientific findings, as they may one day do with their own. These courses also expose students to a wide range of current scientific papers and foster scientific literacy, as well as giving them practice with grant applications, which require students to understand and build off previous research.

Inquiry-based activities are a fundamental component of our curriculum and they enable students to engage in scholarship and discovery, one of our core competencies. In 2013, the Human Biology Program Director, along with other members of the Life Sciences Curriculum Planning Committee, participated in establishing a set of standardized expectations for the undergraduate research experience. The main goal for this initiative is to ensure that a student who participates in an undergraduate research placement would have opportunities to develop skills in: good laboratory practice (GLP); experimental and critical evaluation; communication, collaboration and networking; and independent investigation.




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