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HMB e-Bulletin 2020-2021

As we navigate uncertain times together, this virtual space will serve as a bulletin board with updates. Please check back often as more information becomes available.

In lieu of HMB201H1, we will accept any HMB20*H1 course to fulfill prerequisites. For non-Fundamental Genetics and its Applications program students, please contact the HMB office ( to see if it can be added to your program requirement.

Updated July 11th, 2020

At this time, although it has not been updated on the timetable, HMB312H1S will be online only.

Updated July 11th, 2020

As many lab courses will be online this year, there won’t be lab fees due.

Updated July 13th, 2020

As many of you know, this year is different from most, and because many courses have been split into in-person and online sections, waitlists *look* more daunting than they actually are as many students are waitlisted for both sections of a course. Once they make it off of one waitlist, they are taken off the other waitlist, this means that waitlists will be moving faster compared to previous years. While this is not a guarantee that you will necessarily make it off of a waitlist and be enrolled into the class, this might mean that your chances are better than you might think.

Updated July 24th, 2020

The following courses moved from dual delivery to online:













Updated Aug 19th, 2020

HMB300H1F  – Neurobiology of Behaviour

BIO230H1/BIO255H1 accepted as a co-requisite for this year ONLY

HMB420H1F – Seminar in Neurobiology of Behaviour

ANA300Y1 accepted as a co-requisite for this term ONLY
*does not apply to HMB420H1S

Updated Aug 19th, 2020

HMB431H1S – Innovation in Applied Genetics

For students who have successfully completed HMB201H1, the HMB321H1 prerequisite is waived.

Updated Sept 18th, 2020