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HMB offers a wide variety of  400-level courses, yet how to choose which ones suit your interest?

Students in HMB programs entering their final year of study may be looking for a course to not only satisfy program requirements, but also expand their knowledge by taking an in-depth course on a topic of their interest.

This guide has been designed to help give further context to what these courses are about.

Please note this is not the official Calendar,  and should only be used in conjunction with the Calendar.  For information about pre-requisites and enrolment into these courses can be found in the Calendar and the Timetable.

Please note that service learning courses (HMB440H1, HMB443H1, HMB473H1) and 400-level courses required in some programs (JHA410H1, research project courses) are not included in this list.



HMB401H1: Biomedical Advances & Technologies | Course discusses various topics related to biomedical research and technology.

HMB402H1: Translational Medicine |  Seminar course with topics concerning the growing discipline of translational medicine. A strong cellular-molecular background will help you in this course.

HMB406H1: Health Care Ethics |Taught by the clinical ethicsist for Mount Sinai Hospital known for his work in both bioethics and environmental conservation, Dr. Bowman takes his real-world experience and applies it to this course about ethics related to health care.

HMB420H1: Seminar in Neurobiology  |  This atypical seminar course focuses on the scientific underpinnings of neurobiology. Topics vary. (note: when the instructor is Dr. Dockstader, the best preparation for the course is HMB300H1, and when the instructor is Dr. Ju, the best preparation for the course is HMB320H1).

HMB421H1: Seminar in Fundamental Genetics and its Applications| Course centres on the use of epigenetics, regeneration, and stem cell research.

HMB422H1: Seminar in Health & Disease | Seminar course focusing on different topics related to the study of Health & Disease, usually from a physiological standpoint.

HMB430H1: Trends in Neuroscience | Course focuses on the analysis of the  latest research in neuroscience.

HMB431H1: Innovation in Applied Genetics | Course features various topics related to the study of applied genetics research.

HMB432H1: Topics in Histology & Histopathology | Courses focuses on current research in stem cell and regeneration research.  (note: best preparation for this course is HMB302H1).

HMB433H1: Topics in Global Health | This course explores the application and design of digital network accessible knowledge to grand challenges in global health.

HMB434H1: Complementary & Integrative Medicine | Course title says it all: course discussed and reviews different types of alternative therapies.

HMB435H1: Medical and Veterinary Mycology | Don’t let the name mislead you! This course is a fascinating mycology course– all about fungus! It is not a course for those interested in veterinary care; this is a course for students interested in fungus from a clinical research standpoint.

HMB436H1: Selected Topics in Molecular Cell Biology | Taught by a biomedical researcher from St. Michael’s Hospital, the course covers current research in the area of molecular cell biology, including migration of cytoskeletal gene regulation and more.

HMB437H1: The Biology of the Human Metallome | This course, first offered in Fall 2016, was a sleeper hit with rave reviews.  The course focuses on the chemical biology and function and structure of biological biochemical automations in the body.

HMB441H1: Genetics of Human Disease | Course focuses on the scientific underpinnings of human disease. (note: best preparation for this course is HMB321H1).

HMB450H1: Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Diseases | This course examines how neurodevelopmental failures contribute to neurological disorders and diseases. (note: best preparation for this course is HMB320H1).

HMB452H1: Personalized Medicine | All about the structure and the function of the human body and how that relates to medicine.

HAJ453H1: AIDS: A Global Perspective | This joint Human Biology-Anthropology course focuses on AIDS and its epidemiological profile within the broader global construct.

JEH455H1: Current Issues in Environment & Health | Course teaches you to write grant proposals and focuses on the environmental effects on human health.

HMB462H1: Topics in Epidemiology | Course focuses on different foci of epidemiology such as major depressive disorder, influenza, and fecal microbiota transplantation.

HMB470H1: Exercise & Sports Medicine | A course that focuses on biomechanics of the body and injury, especially in relation to sports and physical activities.

HMB471H1: Performance Enhancement | Course analyzes intelligence performance techniques and neurophysiological performance.

HMB472H1: Exercise Physiology | This course is all about physical exercise (or lack thereof) and the effects on the body. Takes a physiological and biochemical approach.

HMB474H1: Dental Sciences | New for 2017-2018! This course is an in-depth introduction to dental sciences from a clinical research perspective and topics include the latest research in dental sciences. This course will interest students who wish to pursue research in dentistry (DDS, MSc, PhD, etc.).

HMB489H1: Advanced Laboratory in Human Biology | Learn hard skills and apply them in this advanced lab course designed as a model organism lab.